Freeze Dried - Cow Elk

This newly patented (5,896,692), American Outdoors process, employs the same techniques used in the medical field for the storage of drugs and serums. This unique freeze-dried state preserves the full potency of the FRESH LURES with no chemical change, including estrus. It also allows indefinite shelf life without the need for refrigeration. MRS. DOE PEE's FREEZE DRIED LURES are reactivated by simply adding distilled water. This distilled water will re-hydrate the freeze dried product back to 1.25 oz. of fresh lure.

The 1.25 oz. nasal spray bottle is one of Sam Collora's favorite dispensing bottles. You can drip the lure. The bottle drips faster as it empties - creating a warm-to-hot trail. You can squirt a scrape from 10 feet or do a fine mist spray and let the wind carry the scent to a thicket area. He will come out looking for a hot doe!

Freeze Dried - Cow Elk
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